Green Tourism

At Poltarrow, we feel incredibly lucky to live in the most beautiful corner of Britain. We think you will agree that there is something special about Cornwall and we ask that you help us to keep it that way.

There are a number of things we do as a family to minimise the impact that we have on the beautiful place in which we work and live. Below we’ve outlined just a little bit of info on what we do and how we think about being as sustainable as possible at all times. EV Charging available onsite.

What we do

When refurbishing the cottages we try and keep to the Energy Saving Trust’s ‘Best Practice Guide of improving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions – to this effect we insulate loft spaces and reduce drafts by using double glazed windows with double lined curtains.

There are thermostatic controls on all the radiators and we use low energy bulbs where we can. Wood burning fires are also installed to reduce the need to rely on fossil fuels to heat the cottages. All appliances are ‘A rated’ and when these are updated the old appliances are ‘freecycled’ to avoid going into landfill.

The cleaning products that we use are chosen because they have the absolute minimum effect on the environment, based on sustainable plant and mineral ingredients.

Did you know that in Cornwall during August there is 40% more going into landfill than in December? However, 80% of visitors state that their main reason for visiting Cornwall is the quality of our natural environment therefore we ask that you help us by using the communal facilities for recycling newspapers, glass and cans and by following the golden rules of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Try local, buy local...

It is well known that here in Cornwall we produce some of the best food and drink in the world.

At Poltarrow we are lucky to be surrounded by many Award winning products and suppliers making ‘foodmiles’ a thing of the past! Lobbs Farm Shop is situated next door to the Lost Gardens of Heligan and supplies beef and lamb straight from their farm along with many homegrown vegetables. Within the shop you will also find a cheese counter, fruit, dairy products, bread, soft drinks, local beers, local preserves, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream, smoked fish and many other items.

The Great Cornish Food Hall is guaranteed to tempt you away from the supermarket. Everything you need is there, from seasonal vegetables, the freshest fish landed just down the road at Newlyn, local meats, freshly baked bread and wonderful local cheeses to store cupboard essentials, local beers and wine. Truro Farmers Market on Lemon Quay Piazza is held every Wednesday with a number of local farms offering the very best of Cornish produce including award winning bacon, pork and ham and organic vegetables as well as local crafts and gift ideas.

Within the Farmhouse, Judith and Libby source their food from local suppliers ensuring that guests get to taste the best of what Cornwall has to offer.

In your cottage you will find further information on great places to eat, shop and take-aways.

What we do

Although not a registered organic farm, Poltarrow is run on the same principals. No artificial fertilisers, sprays or drugs are used and the cattle are fed on a diet of grass, hay and silage cut during the summer months from the fields.

Approximately 700 trees of various species were planted in several different areas of the farm. Overgrown areas of brambles and nettles are left, as this gives food source for many invertebrates and butterfly larvae. The wooded area displays the changing colours of the seasons, from the yellow primulas and celandines, to the carpet of bluebells, then the pink campions, ragged robins and foxgloves, finishing with the delicate winter anemones.

Fallen trees have been left to give an ideal habitat for many non-pest invertebrates, fungi and mosses. The profusion of lichen pays testament to the clean Cornish air. Oaks on the farm supply hunting vantage points for birds of prey, such as buzzards, many of which can be circling overhead during the summer.  Oaks also supply nesting sites and food source for birds.

Of the two lakes at Poltarrow, the largest was created approx. 10 years ago (in consultation with FWAG) from a boggy area, by digging out two portions of hedge and leaving part of the hedge as a central island. Wild duck, moorhens and Canada geese then have an ideal nesting place, across the water safe from the fox. The spring and ditch that supplies the pond supports frogspawn in the Spring and creeping buttercup, marsh pennywort and watercress throughout the year and the surrounding wetland has a wide range of flora such as rush and sedges.

The smaller lake was created for ornamental ducks, though the Canada geese seem to like it as well. This has been fenced and the netting dug into the ground to protect the ducks from foxes, badgers, stoats etc. This is Peter’s new hobby, where he is hoping to breed from the ducks if he can get to the eggs before the Magpies take them. There are Manderin, Carolina, various Call Ducks and Appleyard.