Our Facilities

Especially created for guests looking for a relaxing holiday, but also for those wanting a little more activity.

Our facilities at Poltarrow Farm have been created with a variety of tastes in mind; we know that some of our guests choose to stay with us so they can relax in the countryside, quietly soaking in the wildlife and fresh air. Families come here to get outdoors and also to have lots of fun with the kids — our facilities offer the best of both worlds.

The facilities are for the enjoyment of guests staying at Poltarrow and are situated a few minutes’ walk from the cottages, just far enough away to preserve the tranquility of your holiday home.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Understandably popular, the indoor swimming pool is at a constant temperature of 30 degrees celcius, making swimming a relaxing experience, just the thing for de-stressing at any time of the year.

  • 10m long and 4m wide and a constant 1.4 m depth
  • Ideal for parents with small children
  • There is also a changing room and shower
  • Available to guests from 7am to 9.00pm
  • Available from Mid February to the beginning of January.

The Sports Hall

The large heated sports hall has a range of sports for most ages. Test your skills with a quiet game of short mat bowls or take a cue and step up to the table for a game of pool. Table tennis, short tennis and badminton are good fun, where you can improve on your footwork and racquet movement providing the opportunity for a vigorous workout.

  • Great large space for burning off energy
  • Table tennis, short tennis and badminton
  • Climbing wall for older children
  • Trampoline for a little bouncing fun
  • Pool table and cues

The Tumble Room

Our Tumble Room is designed for children under 5 to feel safe and secure while playing, exploring and learning. It’s the perfect place to encourage imaginative minds to discover fantasy and fun. Soft building blocks, tunnels and slides make perfect hideaways, stimulating games, exercise and creative play.

  • Specifically designed for the under 5s
  • Soft building blocks
  • Climbing wall for older children
  • Tunnels and slides
  • Stimulating games, exercise and creative play.

Onsite Fishing

The lake is fed from natural springs and has varying depths of water to accommodate the needs of rudd, perch, blue orfe and the elusive carp. Experience the joys of sitting in the stillness by the water’s edge, or on the lake in the rowing boat Jubilee, waiting for the “big one”.

  • Within easy walking distance from our cottages
  • Rudd, perch, blue orf and of course the elusive carp
  • Suitable for fisherman of all abilities
  • Perfect relaxing countryside location

The Farm Trail

If you just want to relax, then why not stroll around our 45 acres of fields? You’ll pass the pond and apple yard, on through to the woodland and watch buzzards soar above with their high pitched call, the statuesque heron standing on one leg, looking for his supper. 

  • Stroll around the forty five acres of fields
  • Pond with apple yard, call duck, mandarin and carolina ducks
  • Woodland where you can get closeup to the wildlife
  • Suitable for people of all fitness levels and ages